Saturday, July 31, 2010


I got me a little package today.

I love mail. Just so you...whoever you are...knows. I love getting things that aren't bills or junk in the mail. Handwritten letters, bought or homemade...packages, money...etc. :)

The UPS guy parked in front of our neighbor...the Arick thought it was something he was expecting. Instead, it was something that I wasn't expecting. :)

My seester sent me a birthday present. Or I guess I should say presentssss.

A pear towel, an apple towel, and the most ADORABLE half apron that you could ever imagine. She knows me toooooo well.

Come on!

Buttons on the pockets, rick-rack on the edge of the towels?!


I love her.

I love the present.

Thanks. To the best sisser that I could ever ask for. Love ya!


miranda said...

those are SOOOOO cute! what a great gift Bon! I love it.

Bonnie said...

love you. :)