Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mason has a new trick.

He starts out looking like this.

Mama is here, standing next to me, I can see her.

Then she leaves my line of vision.
Mind you, I haven't even left the room.

Then he looks like this.

Or this.

I say his name, he smiles.

Then cries.

I've been home with pink eye for the past three days and I have yet to get a thing done. I ran out with him to the store and he fell asleep in the carseat. That was at's now 3:45 and he is looking at me from the seat the he just woke up in.

I really just hope that this separation anxiety stuff doesn't get worse.

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miranda said...

poor boy. He just loves his momma so much :)... sometimes it get's better, but other times it seems worse. To me, it always seems different depending on where we are or who we are with. Love you friend. Hope you feel better soon.